Patriot Patch for Bob Wallace 4 x 4.5

Patriot Patch for Bob Wallace 4 x 4.5

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Trying to help a fellow Patriot survive. A portion of every sale will be send to Bob Wallace and his wife. If you can help that would be great.


If you can't donate please share my post on your own wall, I do want to live but it is up to you and your generosity whether I do or not. My life is literally in your hands...
This is something I never thought I would do...Please help fund my survival. I have no income and unable to work. I have already sold anything of real value, My Motor Home, My Boat, and my backup vehicle. I have sold a lot of my firearms. I have been fighting with SS to get Disability for 4 years since this started.
I have a bad back, two blown out shoulders, nerve damage, HEP B, Diabetes, liver cancer, and cirrhosis, spleen is swollen 6x, I have hernias from the water retention, I had to have the TIPS done to help with the  fluid, it go to where I was having 8 liters drained each week from my abdomen, and now I am dealing with "H.E." encephalopathy which is due to a build up of ammonia in my blood from the liver not working. The ammonia causes mental distortion, trembling hands, cramps, and dizziness. I have been admitted to the hospital 3 or 4 times due to it so far, the first time I was catatonic, lights were on but no-one was home, I do not remember going and when I could think again somewhat I was in the hospital not knowing how I got there. I am hanging in there the best I can which is barely. I am now trying to get a liver transplant. Anything you can donate will help make ends meet til I either die or get SS & a transplant.
I have been on the phone with SS for the past 2 hours trying to find out the status of my appeal, I have also called my lawyers office and my Congressman's office.
Congressman's office says they can find no info on my SS claim, SS can find nothing on file pending or otherwise
Lawyer continues to tell me it is there, I would say the lawyer is lying so I am going to lose 3 years of back pay and have to file a new claim.
SS say's the fastest I can get an appointment is at the end of May.... I may be dead by then.
What do I do? There is no immediate answer or way to repair this...
I came up with the realization for me to be able to get a transplant we need to raise over $30,000.00 dollars, I do not see this happening. We only spent 2 days up in Nashville this week seeing Drs and talking withe the radiologist regarding the chemo and between have to drive be up there for 2 days meals, my wife's loss of wages and she is the only wage earner it cost close to $600.00.
If I become eligible I will have to spend maybe a month waiting and 3 months post. That is 4 months all the while still having to keep the bills paid at home praying my wife won't lose her job during that time....I don't know what is going to happen.
I may as well resign myself to just trying to exist knowing I will die a very nasty death. I just hope my suffering will be brief. It is all going to depend on the generosity of others and to me that is scarier than the dieing.

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